The Musician
Jon Scoville was raised in Connecticut, ruined in New York and restored in California. His experience of music includes playing the music of Brazil, the Balkans, and Detroit, training in the Hindustani tradition with Ali Akbar Khan, studies in English literature with Harry Berger, Harold Bloom, and Mark Strand...

...sleeping out under the night sky each summer, classes in electronic composition with Gordon Mumma and Vladimir Ussachevsky, latin music with Michael Spiro, Dennis Broughton, and Edu Szjanbrum, plus tours as road manager for performing arts groups from Calcutta, Kerala, Djakarta, Denpasar, and Seoul. He has taught and accompanied in the U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia. Over fifty of his scores have been commissioned by numerous choreographers and dance companies including the Alwin Nikolais Dance Theater, Murray Louis Dance Company, Tran Chan of Brazil, Laura Dean, Sara Rudner, the Oakland Ballet, the Høvik Ballet of Oslo, Compagnie Hors Taxes of Paris, the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company of Salt Lake City, and Tandy Beal and Company.

He has written music for a commercial for the Digital Equipment Corporation, and he created sound installations for the Seibu Department Store in Tokyo, a gallery in São Paulo, and with visual artists Ellen Bromberg, Carleen Jiménez, and Bruce Lee at sites in California and Utah. Radio appearances include Radio Belgrade and Radio Free Europe as well as a work on National Public Radio. Jon Scoville is a recipient of a California Arts Council Composer's Fellowship and grants from the Salt Lake Arts Commission and Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County. He is Co-Artistic Director of Tandy Beal and Company, adjunct professor of dance at the University of Utah, and co-author of Sound Designs, a book about the design and construction of musical instruments. If he hadn't met his latest wife, Tandy, 40 years ago, he'd be playing guitar in a Country and Western band in Nashville and voting republican.