The Muse
Tandy Beal is a director, choreographer, performer, teacher, writer and dreamer, performing as a solo artist and with her ensemble in major cities and festivals on four continents (so far!). She has created works for dance, circus, film...

...television, theater, opera, animation, corporate events, and even halftime for the San Francisco 49'ers. Her work has been seen from Anchorage to Zurich, from Zagreb to Atlanta, and many points in between.

Highlights of Tandy Beal's all-over-the-map career include: the first contemporary dance/circus "Nutcracker"; a show for NASA's SETI project with Carl Sagan; projects with Lou Harrison, Frank Zappa, John Adams and Jon Scoville; choreographing opera, MTV and ballet; directing Pickle Family Circus for 12 years; corporate shows for LucasFilms, MCI, Coca-Cola, Pixar, Oracle, and more; a USIA tour of Eastern Europe; acting off Broadway; dancing for the shah of Iran with Alwin Nikolais; guest performances with Atlanta Ballet, Momix, Remy Charlip and in Europe, with Carolyn Carlson; choreography for Jean Stapleton; writing/directing the Moscow Circus in Japan. Her life and work are featured in two books "The Pickle Clowns" and "Living Happily Ever After". Learn about her latest work on her website.

Her natural habitat is the Santa Cruz mountains where she lives at the end of a road with long time co-conspirator, Jon Scoville, 2 cats and 2 other friends.