Albert's Bicycle Music (affectionately named for the favorite mode of transportation of two Swiss Alberts: Hofmann and Einstein) is a site for sore ears. It's music with one foot in the 21st century and the other in the 19th with connections to Brazil, electronica, classical music, and dance genres. Have a look and a listen.
The Latest
Just released: A Field Guide to Sleep, an album of lullabyes for adults composed in collaboration with jazz piano magician
Art Lande. The music, though much more modest, is in the spirit of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, written to be of “a smooth and somewhat lively character, so that one might be a little cheered in one’s sleepless nights.” It is occupationally-insomniac specific: sleepy-time music for chess players, numerologists, truck drivers, ontologists, entomologists, florists and more. Have a listen in a nice warm bed, with your partner or a cat or two. If you fall asleep in the middle, we won’t be offended . . . . Remember “the easiest way to achieve the impossible dream is to go to sleep.”

Released earlier: HereAfterHere, a score for Tandy Beal’s dance/theater/video work of the same name, explores musically the perennial question of what happens after we die. The music suggests a unique other world of sound – full of voices, memory, and shifting harmonic clouds. Certain Twilights is a musical journey into the ethereal and meditative landscapes which concert harps evoke. Additionally, the resourceful Premiere Saxophone Quartet has released a marvelous version of Jon’s piece Sr. Miro’s Saxophone on their first album Magheia. It is a display of musicianship and virtuosity at the highest level.

Soon to be released: Tuba or not Tuba – Music for an Imaginary Circus, a reprise of Jon’s work with Tandy and her circus adventures. And nearing completion is Scoville Units, a follow-up to his popular rhythm-driven cd Pirouette Park. Stay tuned.

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